Luxembourg Parliament adopts resolution on Working Definition of Antisemitism

On 10 July, the Luxembourg Parliament adopted by 58 votes in favor (Christian Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Green, Alternative Democratic Reform Party/ADR, Pirates) and 2 abstentions (The Left) a resolution that called upon the Government to adopt the IHRA Working Definition on Antisemitism. None of the 60 deputies that compose the Parliament voted against the resolution. The Government had left the priority of action to the legislative power in order to achieve a vast majority, going far beyond the Government parties, in support of the Working Definition. The original text in French can be found here. The Government will put this item on its agenda after the summer recess.

Deliberations in a public session of the Parliament took place in a highly dignified and responsible manner, with all the parties stressing the need to vigorously fight antisemitism wherever it appears. Many deputies mentioned the aggressive and unacceptable positions and comments vehicled by social media in full anonymity. Representatives of many parties stressed the need for a balanced approach in relation to the examples given in the text adopted in Bucharest on 26 May 2016. While it is clearly stated where the line has to be drawn when it comes to criticizing the State of Israel, many deputies insisted also on the right to be critical on the actions of the government of Israel, above all in the strained and difficult geopolitical context in the region

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