We educate.

The IHRA’s Working Groups and Committees publish educational recommendations to help guide teachers and organizations

We research.

The IHRA is the only intergovernmental organization mandated to focus solely on Holocaust-related issues

We remember.

The IHRA's Member Countries have pledged to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, honoring their legacy and their memory

New short film launched – Holocaust Distortion: A Growing Threat

In this new 12-minute film, IHRA experts from around the world discuss the issue of Holocaust distortion using an international lens. A first introduction to the topic, the film also explores how to counter this dangerous phenomenon.

New publication launchedUnderstanding Holocaust Distortion: Contexts, Influences and Examples

Being able to recognize Holocaust distortion is the first step to countering it. The IHRA's new publication breaks down the complex topic of Holocaust distortion, explaining its historical contexts and political influences, as well as numerous contemporary examples.

Our Focus Areas

The IHRA brings together experts in Holocaust education, research and remembrance, including museum, memorial and education professionals, historians, archaeologists, and specialists in genocide studies and other disciplines. The multidisciplinary groups that result are able to focus on specific priority areas, allowing for the IHRA to put forth meaningful policy recommendations.

Recent News


Conference registration open for “Jasenovac Past and Present: History and Memory of Institutionalized Destruction”

The Jasenovac camp complex was a major site of mass killings of Serbs, Jews, Roma and Sinti, and opponents of the criminal policies of the fascist Ustaša regime during the Second World War. Built in...

IHRA Secretary General addresses Global Conference on Football’s Role in Combating Antisemitism

The Global Conference on Football’s Role in Combating Antisemitism, held on 11 November, saw the adoption of the IHRA working definition of antisemitism by FK Austria Wien. IHRA Secretary General...

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