“We accept our responsibility as governments to continue working together to counter Holocaust denial and distortion, antisemitism, and all forms of racism and discrimination that undermine fundamental democratic principles. We will work closely with experts, civil society and our international partners to further these goals.” 

– Article 7 of the 2020 Ministerial Declaration 

Leading global efforts to counter Holocaust denial and distortion 

Over the last few years there has been a shocking increase in efforts to minimize the impact of the Holocaust and downplay the crimes of the Nazi regime and its collaborators. This trend, in which Holocaust distortion inches towards the mainstream, erodes our understanding of the historical truth of the Holocaust and fuels antisemitism.

All this poses a grave threat to our democracies and open societies.

The IHRA has been working to empower leaders to counter Holocaust distortion for over a decade, developing expert-led tools to help better identify and respond to distortion.

Explore: IHRA Toolkit Against Holocaust Distortion

In 2020, building on the IHRA’s leadership in the field and honoring the commitments outlined in the 2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration, the German Presidency of the IHRA launched the Global Task Force Against Holocaust Distortion with an extra-budgetary contribution. This network has brought together like-minded governmental and non-governmental bodies and international experts to develop practical tools and identify, share, and promote good practices on countering Holocaust distortion.

Read the report about the activities of the Global Task Force Against Holocaust Distortion.

At the Malmö International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, Remember – ReAct, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and UNESCO pledged to jointly address rising Holocaust denial and distortion as a virulent form of contemporary antisemitism.

Learn more: What is Holocaust distortion and why is it a problem?

IHRA Toolkit Against Holocaust Distortion

This resource is designed to help policy and decision makers and civil society take steps towards recognizing and countering Holocaust distortion. The practical tools, guidance and example activities it includes empowers leaders to be ambassadors for change – in their institutions, governments, and communities.


Join the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the European Commission, the OSCE/ODIHR, the United Nations, and UNESCO in raising awareness of Holocaust distortion. Take part in our global social media campaign and encourage others to #SayNoToDistortion.

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