News - Holocaust Denial and Distortion

Unlocking forgotten memories of the Holocaust

An artist’s journey to uncover her family history grew into a decades long mission to establish a memorial for the victims of the Jungfernhof concentration camp.

For years, two small greying


Using Artificial Intelligence: Detecting antisemitic content and hate speech online

Making the online global community more inclusive and tolerant requires efficient ways to accurately detect toxic speech patterns to counter them. The international community has put considerable


New eyes on the IHRA Plenary

“Just a second, let me please say hi to Hannah Lessing” – the Secretary General of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism. This may be Iris Rosenberg’s first


The Remembering Hilda Dajč Award: Creating courageous cultures of remembrance

Promoting vibrant youth activism surrounding past victims of violence and creating a culture of remembrance is indispensable to upholding the truth of the Holocaust and countering distortion and


Teachers and the future of Holocaust education: Hosting cross-border educational dialogues to counter Holocaust distortion

Carrying forward the truth of the Holocaust and events surrounding the Second World War amidst a background of rising antisemitic, racist, and extremist discourse across and beyond Europe means having


The IHRA’s working definitions translated into Russian and Ukrainian

A year ago, Ukraine became the target of Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war of aggression. In light of this anniversary, the IHRA remembers the innocent lives that have been lost, as well as


One year of "Together for Impact": Q&A with IHRA Chair Ann Bernes on the Swedish Presidency

The Swedish IHRA Presidency will come to a close on 28 February. In this Q&A, IHRA Chair Ambassador Ann Bernes reflects on her year leading the IHRA Presidency.

Let’s start by looking at the first


Follow-up report on Malmö Forum pledges published

In October 2021, representatives from 50 countries, together with social media companies, policymakers, NGOs and civil society organizations met in Sweden for the Malmö International Forum on


Our Responsibility to Remember, 90 Years On

This International Holocaust Remembrance Day marks 90 years since the Nazis’ rise to power. With the passage of time and the passing of the survivor generation, commemoration events on 27 January


Holocaust Remembrance: “Safeguarding is key to carrying the memories forward”

Survivor testimony and the protection of Holocaust sites are essential tools in helping protect the record and tackle distortion, guests at a special commemoration event heard this week.

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