IHRA Statement on Rabbi Tsirilson Synagogue, Moldova


The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance is deeply concerned by the ongoing property dispute between the government of Moldova and the Jewish community of Moldova involving the Rabbi Tsirilson Synagogue and the Magen David Yeshiva.

The IHRA feels strongly that the serious efforts being made by the Jewish community to restore these properties should be met with encouragement and support from the government.

As Moldova demonstrated its commitment to issues of Holocaust education, research and remembrance by becoming an IHRA observer country in 2014 and by declaring 27 January the Day of Commemoration for the Victims of the Holocaust on 26 November 2015, the IHRA feels confident that  a mutually acceptable solution to the current dispute can be found that will allow the preservation of these important buildings.

The Rabbi Tsirilson synagogue and the Magen David Yeshiva form an essential part of the history of Moldova and the government is urged to preserve them accordingly.