Task Force Chair Rejects Remarks by Iranian President

International Task Force Chair Rejects Remarks by Iranian President

January 5, 2006

The recent statements of the Iranian President, Mr. Ahmedinajad, calling the Holocaust a myth, and in effect calling for a genocidal policy towards another member state of the UN, namely Israel, were an unacceptable departure. The genocide of the Jewish people at the hand of Nazi Germany in World War II has been recognized by the UN as a defining event in mankind's history. The Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research is devoting its best efforts to memorializing, educating about, and researching this series of events, which also have tremendous importance in addressing other genocides and denials of human rights. The Chair of the Task Force calls upon all UN members to respond positively to the call of the UN, and utterly reject the unfortunate statements of the Iranian President.