IHRA Chair's Statement on the antisemitic campaign by the Nordic Resistance Movement


IHRA Chair Ambassador Michaela Küchler says, “The recent antisemitic actions coordinated by the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement in the days leading up to Yom Kippur are deeply troubling. Some of the incidents are now under police investigation. This dangerous campaign is antisemitic and poses a threat to our Jewish citizens.

"When antisemitism and incitement to hatred or violence occur, all of society is affected. More and more, we see how extremist groups feel emboldened to spread their hate-filled messages. This is unacceptable.

“With international cooperation, we can address the erosive effect extremist ideologies have on democratic values and pluralistic societies. I am joined by the Heads of Delegation of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in condemning the actions of such groups and underlining our shared understanding of their harmful nature. Together, the IHRA's 34 Member Countries will continue to encourage the strengthening of Holocaust education, remembrance and research, developing and implementing practical tools and guidelines to help combat them.”