IHRA Chair appeals to Polish President not to sign law

"As Chair of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, I was deeply concerned to hear that the Polish Senate passed the amended legislation yesterday. I underline once again Poland’s commitment to our founding document, the Stockholm Declaration, which outlines the shared commitment of all our Member Countries to encourage the study of the Holocaust in all its dimensions and to uphold its truth against those who would deny it.

I continue to emphasize the right to free and open research and discourse and I strongly appeal to President Duda to reflect on the comments from the international community and consider the implications of this legislation.

In closing I turn to the words of our Honorary Chairman, Professor Yehuda Bauer, to say 'Poland is an essential part of the IHRA, and the relations within the IHRA with Polish colleagues have been, at all times, absolutely excellent. But the Polish government must make up its mind: for freedom of inquiry, research, publication, the right to err as well as the right to be right, or against it, and that means against the Stockholm Declaration and against the IHRA.'"

IHRA Chair, Ambassador Benno Bättig