Holocaust Distortion: A Lecture by Professor Yehuda Bauer

In this overview of Holocaust distortion suitable for a variety of audiences without prior subject-matter knowledge, IHRA Honorary Chairman Professor Yehuda Bauer explains what Holocaust distortion is, how it manifests and why it poses such a danger to open and pluralistic societies.

With the help of contemporary examples from various countries, Professor Bauer examines historical developments, recent trends and wider contexts, including how distortion of the Holocaust is closely linked to the distortion of history in general.    

The 30-minute film:

  • Explains the differences between Holocaust denial and distortion  
  • Shows how documented facts about the actions of Nazi Germany and its collaborators are commonly misrepresented throughout different countries  
  • Explores how distortion is often used to produce a past that is politically and socially useful  
  • Functions as an awareness-raising and advocacy tool to encourage policymakers to take action and reflect on the history of the Holocaust to inform policy today  
  • Makes an ideal starting point for discussion or programming on countering distortion and denial

Watch Holocaust Distortion: A Lecture by Professor Yehuda Bauer

Activate your network to join the movement against Holocaust distortion. Watch the lecture and hold a screening in your ministry, embassy, or museum to help your stakeholders understand the threat that Holocaust distortion poses to our democratic societies.

The film and further resources are also available as part of the IHRA's Toolkit Against Holocaust Distortion.