The Genocide and Persecution of Roma and Sinti. Bibliography and Historiographical Review

This annotated bibliography of the genocide of Roma and Sinti reflects by its volume and its timeframe (more than 1,400 references collected so far, published from 1946 to 2015) a longstanding and expanding interest for the topic. This was one of two short-term research projects commissioned in 2014 by the IHRA Committee on the Genocide of the Roma. 

The aim of the committee is to work with international governmental organisations and civil society to increase knowledge about and commitment to commemorating the genocide of the Roma and to draw attention to the continuity of prejudice about Roma before, during and after the Second World War.

The committee has been very fortunate that the historians Ilsen About and Anna Abakunova agreed to take on the task of compiling the bibliography and writing an extensive essay on the main research themes covered. Following the first attempt to compile a bibliographical summary on this topic by Gabrielle Tyrnauer in 1989, no further summaries on the topic have been carried out. The goal of the bibliography is to provide an overview of all published materials which present or analyse primary sources, or provide interpretative perspectives on material related to the genocide of the Roma.

Focus Areas