Online Teaching Resource for Genocide of Sinti and Roma

Between 250,000 and 500,000 European Roma and Sinti were murdered during the Holocaust - victims of racist persecution by the German Nazis and their fascist allies. But for many, this genocide remains unknown.

Collage of archival footage, Roma and Sinti

The website, Sinti Roma Genocide, was co-funded by the IHRA, and is the first comprehensive online teaching resource in Europe which focuses exclusively on the genocide of the Roma and Sinti. The website provides extensive background information for 13 countries, selected biographies of victims of persecution, and 70 worksheets on camps and special aspects of the genocide of the Roma.

The website is available in English, German, Croatian, Czech, French, Hungarian and Kelderash (a language spoken by the Kelderash Romani, mainly in Romania). There is also a glossary of terms, and background readings in each language are available. The project is carried out in cooperation between, the Austrian Ministry of Education, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and Memorial de la Shoah.


Roma life in Stegersbach, before 1938
Roma life in Stegersbach, before 1938


A file card for Karl Stojka
A file card for Karl Stojka, amended with the addition of the "Gestapo" stamp. Educational resources using archival images like this are available on the website.