International Research Conference on Education about the Holocaust

Luzern, Switzerland

As Monique Eckmann, Chair of IHRA’s Education Research Steering Committee stated in her opening address, since IHRA was founded 15 years ago, the educational context of the Holocaust has developed significantly. Alongside increasing numbers of state initiatives, educational programs, guidelines, and more professionalization, there has also been rapid development in the empirical research being undertaken. IHRA’s Education Research Project analyzed studies from 15 different language regions, about how the Holocaust is taught and learned. By collecting these studies and providing a cross - language and cross-national overview of current research, the project aimed to foster exchange amongst the different languages, regions, and disciplines.

Key documents:

Conference Report

Research in Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust. A Dialogue beyond Borders

Research in Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust: Bibliographies with Abstracts in Fifteen Languages (August 2017)