• Member country since: 2005

    Remembrance Days: 27 January (International Holocaust Remembrance Day), 2 August (Commemoration of the Roma and Sinti Genocide)

    Since joining the IHRA, the Republic of Croatia has established a network of teachers and professors committed to the subject of the Holocaust. IHRA membership has also helped increase access to numerous and diverse Holocaust-related teaching resources for educators. Existing resources have also been upgraded in accordance with the highest educational standards.

  • Member country since: 2002

    Remembrance Days: 27 January (International Holocaust Remembrance Day)

    Argentina is committed to the promotion and protection of human rights as a guiding principle and state policy. We believe that the participation of our country in the IHRA, as the only Latin American member, is key not only for maintaining remembrance of the Shoah, but also for preventing genocides and facing present challenges in upholding truth and justice. It is essential to work along side civil society organizations, and other key actors to strengthen these policies.

  • Remembrance

    “We share a commitment to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to honor those who stood against it. We will encourage appropriate forms of Holocaust remembrance, including an annual Day of Holocaust Remembrance, in our countries.” 
    – Article 6 of the Stockholm Declaration 

  • Killing Sites

    Holocaust remembrance and scholarly research often focuses on concentration camps, ghettos, and death marches. However, many of the killing sites, where 25 to 30 percent of the victims of the Holocaust were murdered by mass shooting, are still relatively unknown. The vast majority of these killing sites were deliberately left unmarked by the perpetrators and many have yet to be located. This emphasizes the need for scholarly research and transnational approaches.

  • Holocaust Education

    “We share a commitment to encourage the study of the Holocaust in all its dimensions. We will promote education about the Holocaust in our schools and universities, in our communities and encourage it in other institutions.”
    – Article 5 of the Stockholm Declaration

  • Genocide of the Roma

    “We, the IHRA Member Countries, remember the genocide of the Roma. We acknowledge with concern that the neglect of this genocide has contributed to the prejudice and discrimination that many Roma communities still experience today.” 

    — Article 4 of the 2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration