Amir Muharemi

Head of the Croatian Delegation to the IHRA

Damir Zupan (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs) – Deputy Head of Delegation

Snježana Banek (Directorate-General for Education, Ministry of Science, Education and Sport) – Education Working Group

Andriana Benčić (Jasenovac Memorial Area) – Museums and Memorials Working Group

Rajka Bucin (Croatian State Archives) – Communication Working Group

Goran Hutinec (University of Zagreb) – Academic Working Group

Nataša Mataušić (Croatian History Museum) - Museums and Memorials Working Group

Loranda Miletic (Education and Teacher Training Agency) – Education Working Group

Since joining the IHRA, the Republic of Croatia has established a network of teachers and professors committed to the subject of the Holocaust. IHRA membership has also helped increase access to numerous and diverse Holocaust-related teaching resources for educators. Existing resources have also been upgraded in accordance with the highest educational standards. In terms of memorials, the Jasenovac Memorial Site has become one of the most prominent and important museums in Croatia, enjoying international respect and recognition. 

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