Teaching about the Holocaust Special issue of Didactica Historica. Swiss Journal for History Education

As the last witnesses of the Holocaust disappear and the time gap between the Second World War and students' present widens, what are the resources, practices and experiences that make sense for the present and the future? What are the difficulties raised and what are the challenges to be addressed? The Swiss Journal for History Education Didactica Historica 5/2019 devotes a special issue to these questions. The aim is to promote exchange at the international level and to encourage a diversity of perspectives so that we can learn from each other.

This special issue of Didactica Historica was published in June 2019. It follows the International Study Days “Teaching about and Learning from the Holocaust. Practices and Experiences in Education” that were organized at the University of Teacher Education in Lausanne, Switzerland in January 2018, during Switzerland’s chairmanship of the IHRA.

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