Slovakia commemorates Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and of Racial Violence

On 9 September, 2019, Slovakia commemorates the "Memorial Day for Victims of the Holocaust and of Racial Violence". Established in 2000, the day marks the date in 1941 when the Slovak government issued a decree on the legal status of Jews, the so-called the Jewish Codex. The Codex led to deportations which resulted in the murder of over 70,000 Slovak Jews. Each year the Museum of Jewish Culture organises a commemorative event on the grounds of the main memorial for the victims of the Holocaust in Bratislava, which is attended by the highest officials in the country. This commemoration is held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic and will be held on 9 September at 14:30.

The Sereď Holocaust Museum of the Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture has organised a unique event on 9 September 2019 – “Generation to Generation”. The Sereď Holocaust Museum is situated on the site of the former labour and concentration camp in the town Sereď and during this event, a reunion of more than 20 Holocaust survivors with 400 students from all around Slovakia will take place.

To mark this memorial day, many other events are being held in towns throughout Slovakia, including commemorations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, lectures, and cultural and educational events in schools, libraries, and institutions. A minute's silence is held in commemoration of the day in the National Council of the Slovak Republic (Parliament) and in schools.

On 9 September 2019 the Holocaust Documentation Center together with other co-organisers will host its traditional event — the reading of names of the victims of the Holocaust in Bratislava.

Accompanying events will be an announcement of the winners of the student essay competition, a photo exhibition named “Neighbours we didn't forget,” and theatre drama followed by a discussion with historians.

On 10 September 2019, the Holocaust Documentation Center together with other co-organisers will hold a remembrance ceremony at the Jewish cemetery in the city of Zvolen. There will also be conference for students about the Holocaust in Slovakia and an evening concert.

On 14 September 2019 the NERV Platform in city of Humenné will host a remembrance ceremony – a reading of the names of the local victims of the Holocaust, and a lecture on the local history related to the Holocaust and a discussion.

Slovakia has been an IHRA Member Country since 2005 and the Head of Delegation is Hana Kováčová, Director of Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

Photo courtesy of: Slovak National Museum – Museum of Jewish Culture