In Memory of Holocaust Scholar Paul Levine

On Monday 28 October 2019, the Holocaust historian and teacher Paul Levine passed away. He was not only loved by his students and the adored father of three children, but also an outstanding thinker and educator.

Levine, a long time associate professor of Holocaust history and genocide studies, spent the last six years in his favourite town, Berlin, as a freelance historian. Among his many publications is the award-winning "Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest. Myth, History and Holocaust" (2010) and, together with Stéphane Bruchfeld, “Tell Ye Your Children. A Book about Holocaust in Europe 1933-1945” (1998). This latter book was first published in 1998 as part of the “Living History” information campaign initiated by then Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson, who also initiated the IHRA in that same year.

He was currently working on a teachers’ guide about how to think and teach about the Holocaust and genocide in a progressive and humanistic manner.