Launch of educational app: “Fleeing the Holocaust. My encounter with refugees."

On 28 November, 2018, during the IHRA Plenary meeting in Ferrara, Werner Dreier, Director of, presented the app "Fleeing the Holocaust" during a meeting of IHRA's Education Working Group.

The app was developed as one of the priorities of the Swiss Chairmanship of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and was supported financially by the Swiss Chairmanship. It allows users to work directly with the testimonies of Holocaust survivors, and it can be both integrated in the school curricula as part of lessons on Holocaust history but also allows for study at home followed by a discussion in the classroom in a so-called flipped classroom setting.

However, according to Werner Dreier "the app doesn’t substitute the learning process carried out in classrooms, but is mostly an add-on and a complimentary process (…) and is it is freely available. We know for sure that there are schools that download it and put it in their internal network, students then integrate the learning results as a part of their document portfolio.”

The app won the Worlddidac Award 2018. Though the language of the app is German, a French version is currently under development. It is freely available in Google Play and Apple App Stores and further information can be accessed on the website