Jan Munk (1946 - 2019)

It was with deep sadness that the IHRA learned that IHRA Delegate Jan Munk passed away on 12 May.

Jan Munk was Chairman of the Prague Jewish Community, former Director of the Terezín Memorial and a long-term member of IHRA’s Memorials and Museums Working Group as part of the Czech delegation.

Under his leadership from 1990 to 2017, the Terezín Memorial - comprising the Ghetto Museum at the site of Ghetto Theresienstadt and the Lesser Fortress (former Gestapo prison) - evolved into its the current form.

The IHRA offers its deepest condolences to Jan Munk's family and colleagues at this difficult time.

Jan Munk during his speech on the 70th anniversary of the Terezín Memorial, May 2017, photo: Radim Nytl, Památník Terezín.