IHRA Executive Secretary receives honor from Bulgaria

At a ceremony at the Bulgarian Embassy in Berlin on 27 November, IHRA Executive Secretary Dr. Kathrin Meyer was presented with an official certificate of honor by Her Excellency Elena Shekerletova, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Dr. Meyer received the certificate of honor from Bulgaria for her support of the successful Bulgarian application for full IHRA membership in 2018.

The ongoing and fruitful cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the rest of the IHRA was discussed at the subsequent meeting between Ambassador Shekerletova and Dr. Meyer, including current and planned Bulgarian efforts in the fields of Holocaust education, remembrance, and research, which lie at the core of the IHRA mission. These efforts include the recent opening of an exhibition in Hannover, describing the personal courage of the Bulgarians who came to the rescue of thousands of Bulgarian Jews in 1943.


Bulgaria will be one of 33 Member Countries represented at the IHRA Plenary meetings in Luxembourg City on 2-5 December.

Photo: Ambassor Shekerletova (right) presents Dr. Meyer with the official certificate of honor from Bulgaria. Credit: IHRA