Holocaust Education in Greece in 2017

Greece puts a great deal of emphasis on education about the Holocaust and numerous events were held in the second half of 2017 alone. The events were primarily organized by the Ministry of Education and the Jewish Museum of Greece - representatives of both these institutions actively participate as members of the Greek Delegation to the IHRA -  and draw heavily on the educational guidelines created by the IHRA. The most important of these activities are:

  1. July 2017:  On 6-13 July 30 Greek educators participated in a special seminar held at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
  2. July 2017:  On 9-12 July a joint seminar of the Jewish Museum of Greece and the Olga Lengyel Foundation on the teaching of the Holocaust was held in Athens with the participation of 39 educators bringing the total of the seminars conducted by the Jewish Museum of Greece in Greece to 20 (source:  The Jewish Museum of Greece ).
  3. October 2017: On 3 October the General Secretariat for Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Education, Research
    and Religious Affairs in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Greece organized at the premises of the Ministry of Education a meeting between high-level officials of the Greek educational system on the one hand and Mr. Joel Zisenwine, (Director, Deportations Data Base Project, International Institute for Holocaust Research, Yad Vashem) and Ms. Michal Govrin (Tel Aviv University) on the other, concerning Holocaust education. On the same day, Mr. Zisenwine and Ms. Govrin met with Greek educators who had attended the special educational programme in Yad Vashem.

  4. October 2017: On 3-5 October an international conference was held in Athens entitled: “The Holocaust: Diachronic and Interdisciplinary Approaches”. It was organized by the Faculty of Social Theology  of the University of Athens and it focused on presenting both the historical and cultural context (early, medieval and contemporary persecutions of Jews, subversion through literature and art, etc), as well as discussing the importance of the term’s biblical roots (??????????) and the theological and social implications of the Shoah (????) in contemporary times. (source: http://jewishmuseum.gr/en/activities_dynamic/news/item/258.html . See also  The Programme of the Seminar).  
  5. October 2017: On Tuesday 10th October 2017, the Jewish Museum of Greece hosted 20 participants of the seminar “Teaching about Judaism through the coexistence of Christians and Jews in Greece” that was organized by the Interorthodox Center (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece).
  6. October 2017: From 19-21 October a seminar was held in Thessaloniki, jointly organized by the Greek Ministry of Education, the French Mémorial de la Shoah and the Holocaust Memorial of the Jews in FYROM. The subject of the seminar was "The Holocaust as a starting point: comparing and sharing". Twenty educators from Thessaloniki and twenty educators from Skopje participated in it. (see the Programme of the Seminar and further information and photos).
  7. October 2017: On Friday 27 October a two-hour educational seminar (at the Jewish Museum of Greece) and a round table discussion took place (at the French Institute of Athens) were held in the framework of the activities of the French foundation Maison d’Izieu The director of the Jewish Museum of Greece, Ms. Zanet Battinou, participated at the discussion (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece ).
  8. October 2017: On 29 October  the Jewish Museum of Greece in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina and the Jewish Community of Ioannina inaugurated the JMG’s temporary exhibition “Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance” at the Archeological Museum of Ioannina. The duration of the exhibition is until 31 January 2018 (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece).
  9. November 2017:  The exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Greece “Hidden Children in Occupied Greece” was presented in Rhodes on 1-7 November. Educational programs and film screenings were also held in the framework of the exhibition (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece). 
  10. November 2017: On 9-10 November the 21st seminar for teachers on “Teaching the Holocaust in Greece” was organised by the Jewish Museum of Greece in Distomo in cooperation with the Nazism Victims Museum (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece).
  11. December 2017:  The twenty second educational seminar run by the Jewish Museum of Greece and with the title ‘Teaching about the Holocaust in Greece’ was held in Drama, at the Hydrama Grand Hotel, on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 December 2017. The seminar was designed for primary and secondary school teachers and was conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religion (source: The Jewish Museum of Greece).



Academic panel on the subject: “The fate of the Jews of Bulgarian occupied Macedonia and Thrace". Credit: Georgios Polydorakis