Genocide of the Roma commemorated at Lackenbach

On Saturday 16 November, the annual commemoration of the Austrian Roma and Sinti murdered during the Nazi regime took place on the site of the former "gypsy camp" Lackenbach in Austria.

The event was organized by the state parliament of Burgenland and the Austrian Roma Culture Association. Martina Maschke, leading member of the IHRA Committee on the Genocide of the Roma, attended the commemorative event.

Mr. Emmerich Gärnter-Horvath, Chairman the Burgenland Roma association Roma-Service, received the Grand Decoration of Honor for Services to the Federal State of Burgenland for his major collection of survivor testimonies, which are also of high relevance for the IHRA Committee on the Genocide of the Roma.

The number of people interned in the "gypsy camp" Lackenbach reached a peak of 2,335 on 1 November 1941. Of the total of 4,000 Roma and Sinti interned in the camp, half were deported to the Łodz Ghetto and murdered in the Chelmno extermination camp. Only 400 prisoners survived until the liberation by Soviet troops in April 1945.

The genocide of the Roma is a focus area of the work of the IHRA.

Photo: Local school children took part in the commemoration at the former "gypsy camp" Lackenbach, declaring "We take our future into our own hands!". Credit: Martina Maschke