Applications open for design of new memorial at Lety u Pisku

On the site of the former concentration camp for Roma in Lety, where a pig farm stood until 2018, a memorial shall be opened in 2023. IHRA and its Committee on the Genocide of the Roma cooperated with the Czech Delegation to the IHRA for several years on the removal of the pig farm, so that the place can be turned into an appropriate site of remembrance.

The Museum of Romani Culture, in cooperation with Onplan, has prepared a landscape-architectural competition for the design of the memorial, and are now accepting applications for designs of the new memorial at Lety u Pisku. It will be place of honour to the memory of the victims of the Lety camp, the victims of the Roma and Sinti genocide, a place of reverence and silent contemplation, and an authentic place of remembrance for suffering. The competition page can be found here, along with detailed background on the project. The first round of the competition closes on 17 January.

The proposed project aims to create a concept for an exhibition for the Lety memorial, through consultation with various museums and memorials from different countries. This exhibition shall pass on information about the history of the concentration camp, and prevent false assumptions on the purpose of the camp and the conditions of the victims therein. Furthermore, any denial of the genocide of the Roma as well as antigypsyism shall be addressed.

Read more about the IHRA's involvement in the Lety u Pisku site here:




Site of Lety u Pisku. Photo courtesy of the Muzeum of Romani Culture.