Martina Feeney

Head of the Irish Delegation to the IHRA

Member country since: 2011

Remembrance Days: 27 January (International Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Yvonne Altman O’Connor (Irish Jewish Museum) – Museums and Memorials Working Group

Kate McEleney (Department of Foreign Affairs)

Oliver Donohoe (Holocaust Education Trust of Ireland) – Communication Working Group

Lynn Jackson (Department of Education and Skills) - Education Working Group

Kevin McCarthy (Department of Education and Skills) – Education Working Group

Sean O'Connell (Department of Foreign Affairs) - Communication Working Group

Zuleika Rodgers (Herzog Centre, Trinity College Dublin) – Academic Working Group

On joining the IHRA, Ireland established the ‘Standing Committee on Holocaust Education, Research and Remembrance’, which consists of governmental representatives,  the ‘Holocaust Education Trust Ireland’ (HETI), the Irish Jewish Museum, and academics. The government has worked closely with HETI and other organizations to promote Holocaust education and awareness through teacher education programs, schools’  initiatives such as the ‘Crocus Project’, and the ‘National Holocaust Memorial Day’ commemoration. The ‘Certificate in Holocaust  Education’, awarded by the Herzog Centre  at Trinity College Dublin, provides teachers with continuous professional development. 

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