Artur Wilczynski

Head of Canadian Delegation to the IHRA

Member country since: 2009

Remembrance Days: 27 January (International Holocaust Remembrance Day)

Guiliana Natale (Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion) – Deputy Head of Delegation

Gina Csanyi-Robah (Canadian Romani Alliance) - Education Working Group

Clint Curle (Canadian Museum for HUman Rights) - Education Working Group

Alain Goldschlager (University of Western Ontario - Holocaust Literature Research Institute) – Academic Working Group

Alice Herscovitch (Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre) – Education Working Group

Belle Jarniewski (Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada) - Education Working Group

Nina Krieger (Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre) – Museums and Memorials Working Group

Jeremy Maron (Canadian Museum for Human Rights) - Museums and Memorials Working Group

Dafina Savic (Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre) - Museums and Memorials Working Group

Mark Selby (Senior Policy Advisor, Global Affairs Canada

Helen Smiley (Director of Strategic Policy and Horizontal Integration)

Jody Spiegel (Azrieli Foundation) - Education Working Group

Canada’s membership of the IHRA is an affirmation at the highest political level of its commitment to Holocaust education, remembrance and research. Canada’s IHRA Chairmanship in 2013 helped raise awareness of the Holocaust through initiatives such as a ‘National Award for Excellence in Holocaust Education’, participation in an international poster design competition, development of a comprehensive research guide to holdings related to the Holocaust in its National Library and Archives, and government funding to help preserve and disseminate Holocaust survivor testimony. 

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