Call for Participants calls for participants for a workshop to take place in January 2017 in Vienna on the localization of videotaped testimonies of victims of National Socialism in educational programs.

This workshop aims to connect international practitioners who work with videotaped testimonies of victims of National Socialism and to provide an overview of existing programs and an exchange of expertise. The findings of the workshop will be presented in a publication that will appear as the upcoming volume of the series "Education with Testimonies", financed and edited by the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (EVZ).

The workshop will take place from 9-11 January in the Kardinal König Haus in Vienna.

Over the past 15 years a variety of educational projects based on videotaped interviews with victims of National Socialism have been developed. The focus of the workshop lies on the evaluation of such educational projects and will in particular address questions like:

  • Do the offered videotaped testimony programs meet the interests and needs of the users?
  • What educational opportunities do they offer?
  • What problems can be identified in working with those programs and what are the lessons learned that could be taken into consideration for the development of new products?

The workshop and the following publication (scheduled to be published in September 2017) aspires to explore and to develop quality criteria for videotaped educational products. invites practitioners responsible for educational programs or projects at museums and memorial sites, who work with videotaped testimonies of victims of National Socialism; practitioners who work at institutions collecting testimonies or are responsible for already existing educational programs on the basis of videotaped testimonies with victims of National Socialism for school, extra-curricular education and museums / memorial sites.

The deadline is 15 October 2016. For further details, on the conference and how to apply, see the conference overview.