#WeRemember/ #MesPrisimename Campaign for the Commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day


On January 27, the entire world will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day and commemorate the tragedy of six million Jews. The Lithuanian Jewish (Lithuanian) community invites the Lithuanian education and science community and Lithuanian municipalities to join this global commemoration campaign #WeRemember/ #MesPrisimename and remember the victims, witnesses and rescuers of the Holocaust who lived in Lithuanian cities and towns.

In preparation for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, members of Lithuanian Jewish regional communities plan to visit the sites of the massacre of Jews and share the memories and stories of the remaining living or rescued Jews on their website www.lzb.lt and on the social network's Facebook account. Remembering the painful experience of our country and the wider world, we cannot forget the heroes who saved the Jews. We still do not have a monument to the murdered Jews and their rescuers, therefore the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) community will pay tribute not only to the dead, but also to their rescuers.

Organizer: Association of Lithuanian Municipalities, Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and Lithuanian History Teachers Association

Event hashtags: #MesPrisimename #WeRemember #Neveragain #NiekadaDaugiau #HolocaustMemorialDay