Remember us to life. Panel discussion on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Date: 27 January 2023

Place: Oslo

Organizers: The Israeli and Swedish embassies in Oslo

The Israeli and Swedish embassies in Oslo invites you to a panel discussion about how to convey knowledge about Holocaust, and how we through remembrance can promote tolerance, democracy and equality. The Swedish author Joanna Rubin Dranger through her book "Ihågkom oss till liv" (Remember us to life) has told the story of her Jewish family's Holocaust history. She will take part in the panel discussion together with Peder Nustad of he Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Stories, Irene Levin of the Jewish Community in Oslo and Marie Thrana Tindstad from Voksenåsen.

Moderator: Mats Tangestuen, Jewish Museum, Oslo.

The event will take place at Sverigehuset, Embassy of Sweden, Norway.