To the New Mainz Synagogue and Its People


The New Synagogue stands on the site where a "New Synagogue" was inaugurated in 1912 with great hopes. Only in 26 years, it laid in ruins. Their people were expelled or murdered. Most of the members of the Jewish community in Mainz in 2022 come from the former Soviet republics. How do they deal with the inheritance that has come their way?

The author Irina Wittmer reads from her book On the New Mainz Synagogue and Its People, published by the Jewish Community of Mainz, and is open for conversation. After the reading and discussion, the exhibition "Magenza - Roots in the Future" can be visited.

Organizer: Jewish community Mainz KdöR.
Date and time: Sunday, 30 January 2022 at 17:00 (CET)
Location: New Synagogue Mainz, Synagogenplatz 1, 55118 Mainz.
The number of participants is limited. Registration is required via email at