Excursion to the Norbert Wollheim Memorial at the I.g. Farben House in Frankfurt Am Main

Frankfurt am Main

The Norbert Wollheim Memorial is named after Norbert Wollheim (1913–1998) who was a survivor of the Buna-Monowitz concentration camp. He had to work for I.G. Farben as forced labor on the construction site in Auschwitz. In 1951, he sued the group in a test case for compensation. The Wollheim Memorial combines the memory of the Buna-Monowitz victims with information about the history of their persecution and compensation. The excursion will take participants from Mainz to Frankfurt to the I.G. Farben House and the Pavilion of the Norbert Wollheim Memorial by public transport. In addition to the history of the company, the tour also presents the perspectives of the former forced laborers and shows how both perspectives were treated in post-war history in the Norbert Wollheim trial against I.G. colors meet.

Organizer: State Center for Political Education Rhineland-Palatinate
Date and time: Saturday, 9 April 2022, from 09:00 (CET) 
Meeting point: Mainz main station, Station Forecourt
Information and registration: by email at info@ns-dokuzentrum-rlp.de, by phone at +49 6242-91 08 10, or by fax at +49 6242-91 08 20.
The excursion applies the current Corona regulations.