The Book Smugglers of the Vilna Ghetto: A Story of Moral Resistance


In Vilna, the city Jews called “The Jerusalem of Lithuania,” a group of ghetto inmates risked their lives during World War II to rescue thousands of rare books, documents, and works of art from the Nazis. In an operation that lasted eighteen months, they smuggled the materials past guards and buried them in bunkers. Those members of the group who survived the War returned after Vilna’s liberation and dug up the materials. They eventually smuggled the books across Europe until they reached the United States and Israel. What did they rescue, and why did they do it?

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, author Dr. David E. Fishman will discuss the incredible story he wrote about in The Book Smugglers: Partisans, Poets and the Race to Save Jewish Treasures from the Nazis, and the exhibit based on his book.

The event will take place online, please register HERE in advance.

Organizer: Zekelman Holocaust Center
Date and time: 27 January 2022, at 19:00 (ET)

Event hashtags: @BrandeisU @Holocaust_M