Auschwitz-dagen 2022


The 27th of January is a day for the commemoration of the Holocaust. Commemorations are held by the UN, EU and countries around Europe as well as many other places in the world. In Denmark, this commemoration is referred to as Auschwitz-Day, where we remember the victims of the Holocaust and other Genocides. The main theme this year, is to secure to pass on the oral history and testimonies about the Holocaust and Genocides to the next generations. Information about the Holocaust and Genocides are essential in national and international remembrance, which concerns both the professional work of exposing historical events, but also the stories from those, who have experienced and survived these atrocities. The stories by these witnesses create the remembrance about the individual experience of the horrors and suffering, and the consequences for those who survived and their families, throughout generations. They are a fundamental element for the next generations’ possibilities in creating dialogue, debates and reflection about their contemporary time and future, based on our common history and past. Hence, it also constitutes a special theme in this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Copenhagen is arranged by the Danish Jewish Museum for the Municipality of Copenhagen. The program has been put together by a group of experts consisting of staff from the Danish Jewish Museum, the Danish Institute for International Studies, and members from the Jewish Society in Denmark.