80 Years Later – The Future of Remembrance

Cultural Centre of Novi Sad (offline and online)

To mark the 80th anniversary of the Novi Sad Raid, and to contribute to the commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Terraforming, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad and the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad, is organizing an event on 25–26 January titled 80 Years Later – The Future of Remembrance. On day one, 25 January, the program will take place in the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad, with the participation of renowned international and local experts, as well as the representatives of embassies and other distinguished guests. Citizens of Novi Sad are invited to attend lectures and panel discussions that will take place between 13:00 and 15:00 (CET), and visit the exhibition that will be staged as part of the program.

Program participants:

  • Dr. Laszlo Csosz, historian, National Archives of Hungary, member of the Hungarian IHRA delegation;
  • Stephen Naron, director of the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University, USA;
  • Dr. Gerhard Baumgartner, director of the Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance, member of the Austrian IHRA delegation;
  • Christian Wee, director of the Falstad Center, member of the Norwegian IHRA delegation;
  • a representative of the Embassy of Israel in Serbia;
  • Petar Djurdjev, historian, director of the Historical Archives of the City of Novi Sad;
  • Misko Stanisic, director of Terraforming, member of the Serbian IHRA delegation;
  • Nevena Bajalica, program manager at Terraforming, member of the Serbian IHRA delegation; and others.

Day two, 26 January, is reserved for a seminar for archivists, museum curators, teachers, and librarians. Speakers attending the event at the Cultural Centre of Novi Sad will be joined via a video link by other experts from Greece, Hungary, Germany, and Poland.

In this event, some discussions are dedicated to combating Holocaust distortion in which the IHRA’s Toolkit Against Holocaust Distortion will be presented.

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Image captions:
Left: the photo of the monument The Familly
In memory of the Novi Sad Raid, a bronze monument called The Family by sculptor Jovan Soldatović was put up by the Danube river in 1971. (Photo by Misko Stanisic, Copyright by Terraforming)

Right: An illustration from the graphic novel about the Novi Sad Raid
Among other activities, we will present the first part of the new educational graphic novel about the Novi Sad Raid. This segment of the graphic novel is taking place in present times and focuses on historical research and investigation about this event. (Copyright by Terraforming)