Vainojen uhrien muistopäivä/Minnesdag för förintelsens offer


The event will be hosted by the Finnish Holocaust Remembrance Association, in cooperation with the Swiss Embassy, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Culture and Education. The event will be attended by the two Holocaust survivors still among us in Finland, members of the diplomatic corps, members of the Holocaust Remembrance Association, members of Finnish Jewish and Roma communities, and a large group of different cooperation partners from NGO's, universities, religious communities, national minorities and other stakeholders. Keynote speakers will be Minister of the Interior Paula Risikko, and Dr. Daniel Gerson from University of Bern. Swiss, German, Polish, and Israeli ambassadors will also present their greetings. The program includes lighting of memorial candles, El male rachamim-prayer, speeches and greetings, and musical pieces by a Jewish choir. After the event, a small reception will be held for social and networking purposes.

Time: 18:00, House of the Estates