Two Lives. Auschwitz and after. Exhibition


International Auschwitz Committee

How to live a life after Auschwitz? How to live with the memories of the murdered people, their voices and their words? How to live with the memories of the murderers?

In our exhibition, Eva Fahidi, a Jewish-Hungarian Auschwitz survivor, and Zofia Posmysz, a Polish survivor from Auschwitz, tell about their lives after Auschwitz and especially about their creative-artistic ways of coming to terms with their own liftetime experiences. Eva Fahidi and Zofia Posmysz have "managed to achieve the supreme height of the human mind: the transformation of horror, brutality and suffering into the inexhaustible fountain of positive energy..."

Trainees from Volkswagen add their impressions and feelings meeting Auschwitz survivors and talk about their personal involvement at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial.

An exhibition of the International Auschwitz Committee/Christoph Heubner

Opening: 23 January 2019 at the Gedenkst├Ątte Deutscher Widerstand

Stauffenbergstrasse 13-14, 10785 Berlin