Sweden's Holocaust Memorial Day Events


The Living History Forum (the LHF), is a governmental agency commissioned to promote the equal value of every human being along with democratic values – with a starting point in the history of the Holocaust. This agency is also commissioned to act as a driving force for the commemoration of the Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January.

The LHF produces a print-out-exhibition every year on a specific chosen theme. This exhibition is used by all kind of organizations, by many schools, libraries and other meeting places. The theme of this year’s print-out-exhibition is Antisemitism in history and in our time.

In the city centre of Stockholm, the LHF arranges a memorial ceremony in the Raoul Wallenberg Square in the heart of the city. The program includes speeches by high representatives of the government, often by the Prime Minister and with other presentations and music. Since several years the memory of the Roma genocide has formed part of this ceremony. In connection with this ceremony the public is invited to light candles in a large part of the square.

The Jewish community of Stockholm will, as they do annually, arrange a ceremony in the great synagogue of Stockholm. This year the Prime Ministers will be one of the speakers.

Since a number of years, the LHF has invited a special guest for the 27 January memorial day. This year’s guest is Deborah Lipstadt. A comprehensive program is planned for her visit, including appearance at Uppsala University, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs with the Crown Princess’ participation and Prof. Lipstadt is also one of the speakers at the memorial ceremony in the city centre as well as at the ceremony of the synagogue.

Additional events:

On the website of the LHF, different organizations are invited to note what kind of events are being arranged in locations connected to the Memorial Day. The total number of local events is likely to go up to around 50 in different locations.