Online Workshop Dedicated To Holocaust Remebrance


 Lecturers     Serbian – Jewish Choral Society

                        PhD Milovan Pisarri, historian

                        Prof. Dragan Popadić, social psychologist

                        Mr. Jozef Baruhović, Survivor

                        Marlena Weinberger Pavlović, moderator

History, Music, Psychology and Survivor’s story together are only for a goal to raise awareness on Holocaust Remembrance (all victims of WWII), particularly on Belgrade /Serbian sites of suffering, to establish intercultural dialogue, warn on dangers of being a “bystander”, develop a critical and multi-perspective approach to history, develop individual responsibility to act ….

all coloured with nice music.

Holocaust education in the spirit of developing a consciousness of diversity and co-existence as the richness of contemporary society, of the importance of remembering the Holocaust in the context of the need to battle against prejudices, Racism, Anti-Semitism ….. for tolerance, human rights, intercultural dialogue

let’s pay tribute to millions of innocent victims and watch the 84 educational workshops which Serbian – Jewish Choral Society has dedicated to Remembrance so it should never ever happen to anyone anywhere.

It is a unique online workshop with English subtitles (mainly on Belgrade/Serbian history):