'No Home to Return To': Listening to Child Survivors Testifying to the Destruction of their Home and Family


To mark Holocaust Memorial Day and the 2019 theme ‘Torn from Home’, Dr Boaz Cohen will discuss testimonies from child survivors of the Holocaust. In the aftermath of the Second World War, adults - mainly survivors - collected thousands of testimonies from young Holocaust survivors. In those testimonies, the children described their unique experiences of the Holocaust. In this lecture, Dr Boaz Cohen will examine the special interest in children's experiences and the way their testimonies were collected. Cohen will also show and discuss examples of these testimonies.

A Thousand Kisses: Stories of the Kindertransport travelling exhibition, developed as part of the Harwich Haven: Surrender & Sanctuary project, will also be on display from 10am-5pm. A Thousand Kisses reflects upon the story of the Kindertransport, focusing on the experiences of eight children and the homes they left behind.

About the Speaker:
Dr Boaz Cohen, a historian, is head of the Holocaust Studies program of the Western Galilee College in Akko and a lecturer at the Shaanan College in Haifa, Israel. He is an affiliated research fellow at the Centre for Collective Violence, Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the UCL Institute for Advanced Studies. His work focuses on the development of Holocaust memory and historiography in their social and cultural context and on post-Holocaust society. Cohen has written extensively on work with child survivors of the Holocaust. He focuses on their early testimonies and on rehabilitation work done with the children after the war. This relates to his personal involvement in formal and informal education and in fostering children.

Photo caption: Child survivors of the Holocaust. WL Photo Archive 7791.



Child survivors of the Holocaust. WL Photo Archive 7791.