"Liliane Atlan’s play “An Opera for Terezin - Live Reading hosted by "Thereisinstadt House" Organization

Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud

Just imagine a ceremony for the commemoration of the Holocaust celebrated in families, at home, simultaneously with other families from all over the world, communicating with interactive video technology (such as Zoom). The structure of the ceremony reminds the Passover Seder, the rite of remembrance of the Hebrews’ historic liberation from slavery in Egypt. During this event the participants will embody characters whose texts and roles have been shaped on the basis of real documents, they will relive real testimonies, they will observe and reflect together upon actual drawings left by artists who did not survive, and they will discuss the most difficult questions.

Everything is written in the libretto of “An Opera for Terezin”, by the late Liliane Atlan, a French play writer and poet, who dedicated most of her work to the remembrance of the holocaust (www.lilianeatlan.com). She saw art as an influential tool to transmit the world’s horror “in a way one can remember but yet continue to live”.

The ceremony focuses on Ghetto Theresienstadt, because it was “only the gate of hell” that enables us to face the horror of the Holocaust without being overwhelmed, through the Ghetto musicians whose art was their resistance.

It is vital and urgent to create events such as Liliane Atlan’s Opera, as the survivors of the deportation camps, the primary witnesses and beholders of the remembrance – are disappearing. This Opera’s emotional and educational impact can make the difference.

The live reading of the Opera for Terezin, on 27 January, 2021, connecting by Zoom professional directors and actors from Israel, France, and USA, is intended to demonstrate the feasibility and the potential impact of Liliane Atlan’s vision of the Opera.

Our goal is the establishment of the rite of the Opera for Terezin and its inclusion in popular tradition.