Holocaust Rememberence Day 2021 in Sweden


Every year in connection with the memorial day the Living History Forum presents a theme for the commemoration. For 2021 the theme is The Courage to CareThe Living History Forum produces webinars, short films for the public, educational material for different platforms, and a photo exhibition on the actual theme.

This year the Living History Forum, in partnership with the City of Stockholm, also arranges the photo exhibition in the centre of the city. Big photos are displayed, showing individuals who were saving lives during the Holocaust. The stories and images of those individuals also take form as a slideshow or a printable mini-exhibition,

All over Sweden different kind of ceremonies and programs are taking place, in municipalities, libraries, schools, by NGO:s as well as in church communities. National Radio and TV channels also pay attention to this day. The Living History Forum compiles a digital calendar where one can find out where and how one may participate in the local commemoration events in different regions of Sweden.

A new activity is being launched for this year with the aim to reach out to individuals who otherwise would not pay attention to the Holocaust Remembrance Day. The basic idea of this activity is to disseminate awareness through social media, where a number of well-known Swedes will tell shortly about memories they carry through their parents or grandparents stories as survivors of the Holocaust. The message will provide the reader with the possibility to join the storyteller in remembering by lightening his/her own digital candle, using the hashtag #jagminns #Förintelsensminnesdag

On the remembrance day on January 27th, The Living History Forum produces a digital, live-streamed commemoration program where, among others, Holocaust survival Livia Fränkel and Swedish Prime minister Stefan Löfven are participating. The ceremony is broadcasted by the national television on svtplay.se/forum

Three different webinars with our international guest Professor Carol Rittner from US will be held. She is invited as the special, international, guest for the memorial day. Depending on the special field of expertise of this guest The Living History Forum arranges a series of events and meetings where the guest is in focus. Since a visit to Sweden IRL is impossible this year all the events with Professor Rittner are arranged digitally.  

Webbinars in our Kalendarium:

January 25th: Rape - a cheap weapon of war with long-term effects. Sign up here.

January 26th: A seminar about The history of the Holocaust and the use of history. Sign up here.

January 28th: The Courage to Care. Sign up here.


Photo caption: Photo by Thomas Karlsson