Visualisation of the part of the Ghetto area in Lodz as an extendible educational tool

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The Survivor of The Lodz Ghetto, Mr Marian Turski and rabbis (Mr Dawid Szychowski and Mr Michael Schudrich), 72th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto
The Museum of the Independence Tradition
Project Partner
ARGE grenzen erzaehlen (Austria), Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (South Africa), The Institute of Tolerance (Poland), The Marek Edelman Center of the Dialogue (Poland), The State Archive in Lodz (Poland)

The Museum of Independence Traditions in Lodz uses new technologies to create a common platform for the commemoration of the victims of the Lodz Ghetto. Continuing on a project that started in 2015, a 3D model of fragments of the Lodz Ghetto area has been built and exhibited in the museum at the Radegast Station. The content is also made be available to view online, on a website available in Polish, Hebrew, English, and German. Finally, a mobile application will be integrated into this online source. The results of the project so far can be seen here.

By presenting the section where the decisions about the Ghetto's inhabitants were taken, more details about the administration of the Ghetto have been made available to a wide audience. It also highlights differences in its structure, to that of other ghettos of the time. This project aims to make members of society more involved in the creation of a so-called commemoration platform. The wider public, local political leaders, journalists, museum curators and educational policy makers are targeted. Besides the presentation of the model, project content has been presented during various events in Lodz and throughout Poland.

Beneficiary countries
South Africa