Untold Stories of the Holocaust, from the Corners of Europe

Project Partner
The National Holocaust Centre and Museum (UK), Jewish Museum of Greece (Greece)

Reaching across borders and through time, this project aims to use new technologies to shed light on lesser-known aspects of the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, with the partnership of the Jewish Museum of Greece, will work with civil leaders, museum educators and Greek teacher trainers, to develop and promote an innovative digital resource that will tell the stories of individual witnesses. This will include an interactive map of Europe that enables users to explore the provenance and journey of specific Holocaust artefacts. Audiences will be able to engage with the objects, access testimony, and explore further information and research. By placing the artefact back in its original context, the three partners will support audiences in developing a greater understanding of the Holocaust and its complexity.  

Beneficiary countries
United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
South Africa