The Tragedy of Roma People and the Memory of It in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Germany

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Tkuma - Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies
Project Partner
Galicia Jewish Museum (Poland), International Center of Training and Professional Development (Moldova), Moldova State University (Moldova), Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine" (Ukraine)

The project conducted research on Porajmos history, including the conditions that contributed to its organization and implementation. It resulted in a mobile exhibition (travelling to Poland, Moldova and Germany) and a permanent exhibition in the Museum "Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine". The research, carried out by consulting archives, experts, and witnesses, focused particularly on the implementation of the Porajmos by Nazis in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland and Germany. The project also aimed to help overcome stereotypes about Roma. Audiences included media representatives, authorities, scholars, civil society leaders, university students, employees of educational, research and cultural institutions, and the general public in Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Germany.

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