Three steps from racism and antisemitism to genocide

Les Milles Camp Foundation
Project Partner
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum (PL), Yad Vashem (Il), Sunmade (FR)

Can the past be used to identify warning signs in the present? This project aimed to develop an interactive multimedia tool in order to identify and understand the societal mechanisms that led to the Holocaust, and to prevent possible new developments of genocide. The Memorial Museum summarized its main research results and presented them in a tree diagram, showing the different steps of a society’s move towards a genocide. This enables the public to identify the first steps and react before it is too late.

The multimedia tool enables the “trainees” to click on the words to discover their definition and to access historical audio/video clips based on the Milles Camp and the Holocaust in general. Based on those historical and factual elements, the users are posed with sets of questions- and judgment calls, putting them at the time and place of the Second World War and simulating their behavior and reactions.

This project is to be presented in special trainings proposed by the Milles Camp Foundation and outside the museum with the project partners and any future training partners. Trainers and trainees will benefit from an interactive tool providing fundamental knowledge on the path of a society toward genocide and the mechanisms that could be used to resist modern racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, fundamentalism, and extremism. Audiences include political actors and decision-makers, the civil society, and opinion-makers.

Beneficiary countries