Stutthof Maritime Evacuation Project

University of Southern Denmark
Project Partner
The Foundation of Hamburg Memorials and Learning Centers Commemorating the Victims of Nazi Crimes (Neuengamme Memorial Museum (Germany)

From April to May 1945 prisoners of the Stutthof concentration camp were evacuated and transported over the Baltic Sea. The purpose of this project was to investigate and produce new certainties about these maritime transports. The University of Southern Denmark and their project partners have conducted international historical-archival research and produced a report on the findings, that has detailed the process of the transports, key events, and produced new information on the scope of the loss of human life through these actions. It in the future it is hoped this will lead to the the development of new suggestions for commemorative actions for the former Stutthof prisoners and their descendants. The publication will target professional audiences from the related field and seek to engage with youth education.  

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