Significant experiences in remembrance and education about the Holocaust. Understanding the past - committing with the present

Anne Frank Center Argentina
Anne Frank Center Argentina
Project Partner
Anne Frank House (NL), Anne Frank Zentrum (DE), Committee 4 and 5 of May (NL), House of the Wannsee Conference (DE), Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Argentina), Organization of Iberoamerican State

The importance of Holocaust education must be conveyed to policy makers. Therefore, this project targeted educational policymakers in Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, encouraging them to promote Holocaust education and commemoration and develop policies accordingly. An expert seminar with key governmental policy makers was organized in Buenos Aires, with 25 experts from 5 countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Germany and the Netherlands), participating and exchanging good practices, and developing action plans for commemorative activities. Ministers of Education and Human Rights, the diplomatic corps, and others responsible for Education and Memory were particularly targeted.

An expert meeting of high-level policy makers from Latin America took place in the Netherlands and Germany, aiming to identify best practices on commemoration in the two countries. Further workshops with policymakers, representatives of NGOs and universities, and teacher training institutes took place in Uruguay and Paraguay. The goal was to share best practices and present plans of action for commemoration practices in those countries. The exhibition ‘Anne Frank, a history for today’ was also presented as a good practice for commemoration and education. The project also aims to result in each of the target countries designing educational policies for the development of projects and commemorative activities in their countries.

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