The rural Holocaust. Collecting and safeguarding the never recorded testimonies 100 forgotten Jewish graves

Project Partner
Professor Caroline Sturdy Colls Centre of Archaeology Staffordshire University (UK), The Matzevah Foundation (USA)

Seeking to combat the distortion of the Holocaust as a genocide which exclusively took place in ghettos and extermination camps, the “Forgotten” Foundation and its partners will locate previously unknown sites. Highly relevant to the IHRA Grant Program on Safeguarding the Record, this project will help to restore the memory of the rural Holocaust by expanding and intensifying research on the war graves of Jews killed in mass and single executions. This will be done via local investigations and interviews, identifying and restoring the identity of victims, and locating graves via non-invasive techniques. 100 new locations will be explored, and 20 already known Jewish war graves (in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship) will be further examined using this technology. The results will be shared with local authorities to prevent construction, and establish the need for further, permanent, memorialization.  

Beneficiary countries
United States