Remembering Concentration Camps and Countering Distortion

Project Partner
Apis Institute (Slovenia), Civic Committee for Human Rights (Croatia)
Participating Organizations
Center for Cultural Decontamination CZKD (Serbia)
Coordination of Jewish Municipalities (Croatia)
Jasenovac Memorial (Croatia)
Memorial de la Shoah (France)
Serb National Council (Croatia)
TPS Topografia per la Storia (Italy)
Topography of Terror (Germany)

Since 2019, Documenta and its partners have been working to promote a more efficient government involvement in countering distortion and developing a culture of remembrance. The  project has worked to combat antisemitism and xenophobia, and counter distortion of the crimes against victims of Fascist, Ustashe, and Nazi regimes in concentration camps and detention centers in Croatia, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia. It further aims to increase public visibility and awareness of venues that may not get ample attention. The aim was to achieve this by raising public awareness, through establishing effective ways of monitoring and reporting, as well as creating a professional development program around the investigation of hate crimes. 

In 2019 there were three organized public events that contributed to sustaining the public dialogue with participation of experts and youth. Following additional events in 2020, which also raised issues related to countering distortion of facts, scope, mechanisms or intentionality regarding crimes against the nearly forgotten victims, Documenta is currently working towards completing and publishing its reports, including a Monitoring report in developing Holocaust Remembrance Culture linked with these victims.

Beneficiary countries