Porajmos in Serbia – Mapping the past, changing the present

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Center for Holocaust Research and Education
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Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst (forumZFD) (Germany), Romanipen (Serbia)

"Private narratives have grown to from being the raw material in confirmation of the thesis to a voice of people's memory, a parallel telling of history, rich in detail and narrative texture." These are the words from the website for this project, a database which has established the elementary facts on the Porajmos/Samudaripen in Serbia, intended for both formal and informal education systems.

Since November of 2018, visitors to the website can access the first name database of the Roma killed in Serbia, an interactive map of Porajmos for Belgrade and Kragujevac, educational materials (in Serbian, Romani, and English), and a web version in (Serbian, Romani, and English). Also important is the "forms of remembrance" site section and the inclusion of the city of Leskovac in the databases and the mapping, for which  CHRE successfully conducted the research and expert work needed, as well as the documentary work, interviews and writing for the website.

The project also successfully produced the first ESRI ARCGIS based online geo-referenced historical city map and aerial photography application for all three cities, plotting the locations of persons in the database on the historic as well as contemporary maps provided to us for digitization by Military cartographic institute of Serbia, in cooperation with technology partner GDi.

Finally, the project's educational materials (a 72 page book, in three language editions) were promoted in a teacher seminary with representatives from schools throughout Serbia, partner institutions and the "Institute for the Advancement of Education" (Zavod za unapređenje obrazovanja-ZUOV). This was done  through the Forum ZfD network in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo, and was promoted by CHRE to the Roma Minority National Council of Serbia as well as nearly all Roma organizations.

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