New media series about Roma identity and the Porajmos / Samudaripen

Maria Duda raises their hand to the camera
Maria Duda speaks to the camera
Radio La Benevolencija HTF
Project Partner
Radio Patrin, Terraforming
Participating Organizations
A number of participating organizations (in Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden) that contribute to the project in a partnering manner. is a web-based collection of video and audio podcasts, as well as educational resources, about the Genocide of the Roma in the World War II, also known as Porajmos, and its causes and consequences. It aims to encourage debate to further identity building and self-empowerment of the Roma communities in Europe. This new-media series is produced in 12 regions in Europe and is a project produced by Radio La Benevolencija HTF and partners.

This project aimed to produce 20 programs broadcasted monthly that focused on presenting the historical facts, sharing the narratives and the Porajmos related experiences. Each program is composed of audio and video podcasts, and additional educational materials and tools in both Romani, English, and the local-majority language. Preparatory investigation includes significant local events for the targeted Roma communities, including the collection of statements and facts from survivors, witnesses and experts.


Radojka Stojanovic, interviewed for video podcast
Radojka Stojanovic being interviewed in part 1 of Serbian episode, "Guns and Resistance." Photo courtesy of Radio la Benevolencija HTF.


The information is presented in a coherent and accessible new-media based format. The aim was to stimulate the commemoration of the victims and to provide a better understanding of the genocide of the Roma which also could have helped to build a common identity among various Roma communities and contribute to their empowerment.


A man is filmed in front of a museum display case
Production of a video episode, in Sweden. Photo courtesy of Terraforming. 


This media series built upon an earlier project in 2014, when the IHRA funded the development of a concept for a broadcasting program on the genocide of the Roma that focuses on raising awareness of the Porajmos among Roma communities and journalists from different regions.

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